Businesses in Motion

Learn about the wellness initiatives of West Pottsgrove Elementary at The Mercury Mile


A group of community members take a stroll in Pottstown as part of the Mercury Mile community walk which happens every Wednesday at noon.

By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

WEST POTTSGROVE >> Go back to school with this week’s Mercury Mile community walk on Wednesday.

Take a short break from work or your day to enjoy a nice outdoor walk. Smell the fresh air, enjoy the scenery of nature and get to know others in the community. West Pottsgrove Elementary School Principal Terri Koehler will host this week’s Mercury Mile at noon Wednesday. The walk will begin from the school which is located at 25 Grosstown Road. The school’s participation in The Mercury Mile is part of their ongoing building wellness initiative.

“We would love to see many of our families join us for the walk. We love the work we are doing at West (Pottsgrove Elementary) and we want to share our Pottsgrove Pride with the community. We are proud to have been a finalist in the MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) Wellness Checklist Competition for the past two years and looking forward to another great year growing our wellness initiative,” Koehler said.

If there is inclement weather on Wednesday afternoon then the walk be cancelled and resume next week. The Mercury Mile is a free, weekly community activity that happens every Wednesday at noon. The location of the walk changes from week to week. Area organizations and individuals are encouraged to host a Mercury Mile walk to get employees involved and use the activity as an opportunity to inform the community about their company or upcoming events. Organizations that host the healthy activity will be featured in the newspaper through photographs and online for the “Businesses in Motion” section.

Those interested in hosting a Mercury Mile walk should email Michilea Patterson at or call 610-850-0282 to schedule a time. To find each week’s location, visit the Fit for Life website at and like the Facebook page Walkers can also be added to the Mercury Mile email list by contacting Patterson. Send your name from the email you would like to use and each week’s mile location will be sent to you.

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