Businesses in Motion

Business in Motion: Pottstown Works host Mercury Mile


Nancy March, to the far right, is the program director for Pottstown Works and the host for last week’s Mercury Mile community Walk.

Nancy Mark, program director for Pottstown Works, hosted last week’s Mercury Mile community walk.

“Pottstown Works is a program operating out of The Salvation Army of Pottstown that helps people find and keep jobs. They teach a Job Readiness Workshop, then work with local employers to place people in sustainable jobs. The program is unique in following workers for one year to identify and resolve barriers to work,” she said.

The jobs program is mirrored after a successful program in Cincinnati, Ohio named Cincinnati Works. Both programs go beyond just finding someone a job but consider that life circumstances such as child care and health care can impact someone’s ability to keep a job. After people in the program find employment, they still receive additional coaching and support.

“After a successful first class in May, the program is accepting applications for the next class to run Aug. 21 – 25. Anyone who is unemployed or under-employed can apply in person at The Salvation Army of Pottstown … Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by calling 610-326-1621, ext. 316,” March said.

The program is free for both employers and job-seekers since it’s funded through a grant from The Salvation Army as well as grant awards from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation and The Hill School Student Philanthropy Council. To learn more about Pottstown Works, come out to The Mercury Mile this week. To refer someone for class or as an employer partner, email For more information about the local Salvation Army, visit

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