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Boyertown wellness event on Saturday will be a fair to remember


The Boyertown bear mascot cheered families on as they participated in the Running of the Bears event during the 2016 Boyertown Wellness Fair at Boyertown Junior High West School.

By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

BOYERTOWN >> People looking to get out of the house after some late winter snow days should attend the 12th Annual Boyertown Wellness Fair this weekend.

A moon bounce, door prizes and free Rita’s Water Ice are just a few of the offerings that will be available at the fun-filled event. The Wellness Council of Boyertown organizes the annual affair and this year, they are partnering with the Boyertown Area Multi-Service.

The action begins 9:30 a.m. Saturday with the “Running of the Bears” competition between all the elementary schools in the district. The wellness fair will take place at Boyertown Junior High West School, 380 S. Madison St.


Joanne Pritchard and her son Christian Scott, 11, make waffle egg and cheese sandwiches as part of the kids celebrity chef competition during the 11th Annual Boyertown Wellness Fair.

A kids celebrity chef competition is always a popular activity at the fair. Six student finalists will have samples of their healthy dish to be voted on by the community and several local well-known judges. The judges for the nutritious cook-off will include Boyertown Mayor Marianne Deery, state representatives, the school district’s assistant superintendent and others representing local organizations.

The wellness event will also be the kickoff for several community programs.

Jill Vincent, executive director of the wellness council, said the Council on Chemical Abuse will give a short class at the wellness fair about how to quit tobacco products. She said an eight-week free program will begin at the Boyertown Area Multi-Service in April for anyone that wants to quit smoking. She said the program will provide patches and other tools to help people quit the addictive habit.

“It’s about $400 worth of products that people can get free through a grant they (the Council on Chemical Abuse) received,” she said.

As another kickoff, area first responders will do an obstacle course as a prelude to a program that will also begin in April through the Wellness Council of Boyertown.

“What’s exciting is we just got a grant and some sponsorships from local businesses to help police, fireman and EMT get physically fit through nutrition, fitness and mental health,” Vincent said.

People can play bingo and get some steps in at the same time during the wellness fair. The program is designed as an activity for seniors and their caregivers or families but anyone can join. After the kickoff on Saturday, the walking program will continue from April through December.

“It’s just fun because seniors like to play bingo then we’re adding walking to it,” Vincent said.

Beginning at 10 a.m., the community will have the option to choose from several breakout sessions and fitness demonstrations to view. Fitness demos includes ones about karate, CrossFit and more. Breakout sessions will include education on healthy snacks, yoga, CPR and even how gratefulness is good for health.

For more information about the Boyertown Wellness Fair, visit the website

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