Get set to vote in parks contest, win prizes for you and the park


Girls swing at Boyertown Community Park. The park is one of 12 competing in a regional contest that begins next month.

By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

Residents that visit parks across the tri-county area can help their favorite park win thousands of dollars and also win prizes themselves.

In July, the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation will once again have their annual “On Your Park, Get Set, Go!” contest. During the month-long competition, people can use several methods to vote for their favorite park including taking a selfie photo. Different this year is the ability to use tickets at parks throughout the area and have it still count as a vote for your local park.


Two girls play on a tire swing at Kenilworth Park in North Coventry Township. The park will compete in a tr-county contest with other other parks throughout the region next month.

“The contest was created to promote physical activity, community pride and encourage the community to get back into their parks as they strive to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Skye Tulio, communications assistant for the foundation. “This year, we want residents to be aware of the vast recreational amenities available to them at home as well as throughout the tri-county area.”

There are 12 parks participating in this year’s contest representing 12 different municipalities in the region. The municipality park that has the most residents visiting their local park as well as the other 11 participating parks will win the activity challenge for the contest. The grand prize is a $5,000 recreation grant from the foundation and the runner-up will receive a $2,500 grant.

Residents must register first before they receive the tickets that can be used at the regional parks in July. Every park that gets 50 residents to register for the tickets will receive a $1,000 bonus prize. People have until July 20, the first day of summer, to register online. Residents must be at least 14 and live in the coverage area of the foundation to register. The link for the online registration can be found on the foundation’s website at

Once people register, they will be mailed the tickets by July 1 in time to use them for the contest. They will also receive a map that includes information about the 12 parks participating. The map will include the address of each park, featured amenities and a healthy event the park will host in July.

Once people get their tickets, they will have two ways they can vote toward their favorite park. Tickets can be used as a vote when put in a drop-off box at each of the 12 participating parks. Also people can vote by taking a selfie photo while visiting their favorite park then uploading it to the Mission Healthy Living Facebook page at or emailing it to Once the competition begins in July, the foundation will do a weekly drawing from tickets dropped off and selfie photos posted. Prizes include water bottles, recreation gear, games, fitness trackers and even bikes. People that use both the tickets and the photos to vote then have more chances to win.

The park that receives the most number of visits by the end of July will win the healthiest park challenge with a grand prize of a 5,000 recreation grant. The runner-up will receive a $2,500 grant. Residents that don’t register online by the June 20 deadline can still pickup tickets and the map from their municipal building.

“This year’s contest is a great opportunity to explore some of our region’s parks and get outdoors this summer with family and friends. Register now and enjoy all the wonderful amenities these 12 parks have to offer during July and beyond! On your park, get set, Go!,” Tulio said.

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