PHOTOS: Pottstown girls are on the run at Franklin Elementary School

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By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

POTTSTOWN >> It was around the block again and again for about 20 students that ran a 5K at Franklin Elementary School last week as part of the Girls on the Run program.

The 3rd and 4th graders ran the three miles as practice to prepare them for a 5K race with other schools this Sunday, May 15, at Wissachickon High School in Ambler. Bridget Baldwin, 4th grade teacher and Girls on Run coach, said the practice helped students be ready for the big event Sunday.

This is the second year Franklin Elementary School has organized a Girls on the Run club. In addition to preparing for the 5K, girls in the international program learn lessons covering different themes such as confidence.

“The purpose of Girls on the Run is to foster confidence in the girls so they can deal with everyday situations in the real world like bullying,” Baldwin said.

She said students learn to love what makes them unique and how to have a positive self-image. Fourth grader Isabelle DiCampello said this is her first year doing the running program and it’s helped her learn about herself.

“So one of our lessons was about star power like your inner self and the best self you can be,” she said.

Although new to Girls on the Run, DiCampello is an avid runner. She does obstacle runs that include going up a mountain with her sister and dad. She was the first student to finish the 5K Monday and her speed was about 9 minutes per mile.

“It helps me sort of calm down. It releases stress,” DiCampello said of running.

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  1. This is so great for all these young girls,and for Isabelle it is a perfect activity as she has her sister and Dad have been involved with these type of activities. Girls rock! Wow Belle good job! So proud of you. 💘

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  2. Alex & Belle – we are sooooo proud of both of you! You each have a passion that will take you far. Keep up the good work. Keep us posted on you races. You knoww how much we love you ladies. Love and Hugs, Phyllis and Deanna.


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