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VIDEO: Work it out for free at Gilbertsville fitness studio

By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

GILBERTSVILLE >> A local fitness studio invites the community to turbo kick, dance and pound it out at a free New Year Workout Friday evening.

From hip hop choreographed moves to high intensity total body exercises, participants will experience a variety of fitness classes through short 10 minute demonstrations. There will also be a raffle for prizes. Children 10 and over are welcome to participate and a game room will be open to younger kids.


A fitness instructor at CustomFit Training studio in Gilbertsville leads a class called Cize in hip hop dance moves

The free event will be at CustomFit Training 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday. The address is 2028 Swamp Pike; right off of Route 663. Because of limited space, people should RSVP at

The month of January may be ending soon but 2016 is still fresh off the calendar. Many people were inspired to make healthy changes at the beginning of the month and the New Year Workout is a great way to stay motivated.

CustomFit Training owner Bobby Pritchard said one of his most popular classes at the studio is R.I.P.P.E.D. which is one of the demos that will be given Friday.

“It’s a total workout all in one,” he said adding that the class includes endurance, resistance and interval exercises.

Another high intensity fitness class offered at the studio is Insanity. The cardio conditioning program encourages people “to go as hard as you can go,” Pritchard said. He said the class is intense but everything can be modified for different fitness abilities.

Turbo Kick is also another popular class. People perform dance moves such as the running man and the cabbage patch then incorporate kickboxing. Through punches and kicks, people sculpt their abs and get a rigorous cardio workout.

Dance moves also make up Cize Live. Instead of push-ups and pull-ups, people move to the beat. Hip hop dance moves are broken down step by step then the students do a music performance at the end of the class. Another jam fun class is Pound which uses drum sticks in resistance exercises.

“It’s awesome. It’s completely different,” Pritchard said. “You pretty much rock out throughout the entire thing.”

Pritchard said the classes are for everyone and he has students of all ages. He opened the studio in September so he could provide the community with a genuine and intimate fitness atmosphere.

“We’re all one big fitness family,” he said.

For more information about CustomFit Training, visit the website at For more information about the New Year Workout, contact Michilea Patterson at the email or call 610-850-0282.


Free New Year Workout

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