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PHOTOS: Roll onto the newspaper with the next free Fit Kids Contest


John Strickler – The Mercury


By Michilea Patterson, The Mercury

Kids displaying fitness through wheels in motion can get their photo in The Mercury newspaper with the next FREE Fit Kids for Life Contest.

Fit Kids 3

Send photos of your child doing a fitness activity that includes wheels such as bicycling or skating to the email with the child’s name, age and town. The deadline to submit photos is June 10.

Contest winners get their photo published in The Mercury newspaper, a Schuylkill Valley Sports gift card and a free T-shirt. Up to three kids can win the contest. The contest is absolutely free and winners are announced every few weeks. It’s easy for parents to enter their children. They just have to email a photo to the above address with the necessary information.

Wheel fitness activities can include rollerblading, skating, riding on scooters (non-electric), bicycling and any other fitness activity that includes wheels.

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Last contest, parents entered WALKING OR RUNNING photos. Photos included running during a race, running for sports or just playing outdoors. The Fit Kids of the Week for the last contest were MARTIN, 6, of Pottstown, JENNA, 9, of Pottsgrove and ANTHONY, 14, of Pottstown. For a photo gallery of all the Fit Kids for Life entries so far, CLICK HERE.

Now it’s time to send photos in for the next contest. Only one submitted photo is allowed per child each contest. Photos emailed without the necessary information won’t be included in the contest. Also only one set of prizes is awarded to each winning photo. If you have multiple children you would like to enter into the contest, please submit a separate photo for each child.

The deadline to submit photos is noon Wednesday, June 10. The next contest winners will be announced Friday, June 12, on the Fit for Life Facebook.

For every contest, there is a different activity such as biking, swimming and jumping rope. Parents who snap a photo of their child doing the contest’s specific activity can then enter their photo. Parents can find out each activity theme by visiting the Fit for Life Facebook and the Fit for Life Twitter@MercFit4Life.

There can be up to three winners every contest because the contest has three age divisions. The categories are 2 to 6 years old, 7 to 12 years old and 13 to 18 years old.

After photos are submitted, they will be put into a Facebook photo album on Wednesday where voters can LIKE their favorite kid fitness photo.

Voting for each contest starts 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday and ends 3 p.m. on Friday. After winners are announced on Friday, the next activity theme will also be announced.

For a full list of the contest rules and guidelines visit or email Michilea Patterson at for questions.

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